Klopp: The Three Goalkeepers Have a Chance

Klopp: The Three Goalkeepers Have a Chance

Pelatiih Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has stated that the existing goalkeeper is still given the opportunity to prove the quality.

Now the Reds do have a goalkeeper just as good as the crossbar, where Simon Mignolet in last season really performed brilliantly and helped his team finish the English Premier League in fourth place, which opens their chances of playing in the Champions League in the summer Wide open.

As for Loris Karius has tremendous potential. Evident at the beginning of the season since in bringing from Mainz himself had become the main choice Klopp in pre season and also the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

However, his performance declined in mid-season because the player had suffered a broken hand injury at the time. So Mignolet became the top choice until the end of the season after he was able to show his best performance.

Meanwhile, Danny Ward who last season had to live loan with Huddersfield Town is really fantastic, which is able to bring The Terriers promotion to the Premier League this summer.

Even coach David Wagner asked him to stay at St. John Smith Stadium, but Jurgen did not release the Wales national team retainer. Although satisfied to have a quality goalkeeper, but the former Borussia Dortmund tactician tactic will still provide an opportunity for all three.

“It’s certainly very comfortable for coaches, who have three really good goalkeepers,” Klopp told media.

“Until now there has been no decision, the article they all must show their best performances. I do not want to doubt it.

“They are now in a fantastic club and a fantastic football club does need a fantastic goalkeeper. We had a good season with our goalkeepers.

“Yan, it will be a bit difficult for Loris but I’m sure he has a part of Simon’s development, which last season played really well and Danny played fantastic at Huddersfield with a success at the end.

“We have three goalkeepers and they can all show what they are capable of and then we will see who will be the starter.”

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