The attitude of Costa In Chelsea Back Reap Criticism, this time From Atletico Penggawa

The attitude of Costa In Chelsea Back Reap Criticism, this time From Atletico Penggawa

Talking Diego Costa who was accused of being unprofessional at Chelsea again brought criticism for him. After a number of people in the Blues who spoke up, this time the captain of Atletico Madrid who reportedly will be the next destination also joined the jimbrung.

Because it is no longer enter the 2017/2018 season Chelsea plans and expelled smoothly through a short message, Costa so applies arbitrarily at the club. Although de facto still a crew of Stamford Brdige, he has missed all his obligations as a player. For example he deliberately did not participate in training and summer tours.

Conflict that to bring lawyers then become the daily public consumption because the media heavily preach it. This then triggered the wrath of Tony Cascarino who is a former Chelsea penggawa. Cascarino deplored Costa’s unprofessional attitude as a player when his contract with London Blue was two years away.

Leave the best way

Another figure who gave opinion is the captain of Atletico Madrid, Gabi. Although Costa wants to return to Atl├ętico who is the name of his name, but he can not go as he likes. Gabi even demanded the Brazilian-born striker to honor the club until it was time to leave.

“As far as I know Atletico Madrid does want Costa to re-join,” said Gabi as quoted from Sky Sports.

“But obviously there is still Chelsea in the middle. If you are part of a club then you should continue to honor the logo on your chest and go the best way, “said the Spanish midfielder senior.

Currently between Atletico and Chelsea still hampered the issue of selling price. British camp want to release with a tag of 50 million Pounds Sterling but the Spanish side only want to bid up to half only.

If so moved to Wanda Metropolitano was Costa still can not directly join in the near future. As Vitolo is also recruited from this summer, former Rayo Vallecano is first to undergo a loan period due to embargo transfers for Atletico valid until January 2018. (Sky Sports)

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