Called Timnas, It’s The Moment Missed by Alis

Called Timnas, It’s The Moment Missed by Alis

Midfielder Arema FC, Adam Alis, entered the list of players who were called to defend the Indonesian national team in a game against Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi on (02/09/2017). Although labeled trials, this FC Arema midfielder felt the call was special.

For Adam, there is a moment that he missed when defending the Indonesian national team. Adam’s longing was so simple because he wanted to sing Indonesia Raya’s song before the start.

“The most make longing when defending national team yes maybe is when singing Indonesia Raya song,” said 23-year-old player.

For most players, defending the Indonesian national team is a pride. They are the best players collected from the top contestants competitions clubs in Indonesia.

When faced with Fiji, the Indonesian national team many call senior players, including goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga, Boaz Solossa, Benny Wahyudi, Johan Ahmad Farisi, Irfan Bachdim, to Stefano Lilipaly.

From the composition of the team that will be diarsiteki by Luis Milla, Adam put high expectations. He considered the Garuda squad is currently inhabited the best players in Indonesia.

“The players who called the national team I think are good, they are the best people in the club,” said Adam.

“Hopefully we can win the match later,” Adam added.

Fiji is currently serious in maturing the team. Indonesia national team became one of the strengths they calculate to increase the flying hours of his players.

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