Bring 19 Players In Game Away To Malang, Persija Beware Arema Positive Trends

Bring 19 Players In Game Away To Malang, Persija Beware Arema Positive Trends

Fierce and prestigious games will take place in the week to 25 League 1 where the strength of two clubs with supporters will meet each other. Two teams that are Arema FC who will host Persija Jakarta at Kanjuruhan Stadium on Sunday (24/9).

Both teams certainly ambitious to reach three points in this fight. The reason with victory in this fight, both teams still keep a chance to keep their distance with the top standings while the League 1 2017, namely Bhayangkara FC.

Although both ambitious, but the host this time more favored considering they are experiencing a positive trend after winning in the last two games. It is already wary of Persija defender, Mamam Abdurrahman.

“We must be wary especially yesterday they run out against Mitra Kukar. We have to be wary of their ups and downs, “Maman opens.

Not only mentally compete Singo Edan who was on fire some of their players are also experiencing a good trend. Which of course will be a danger signal for the back line that dikomandoi himself and Willian Pachecho.

“The striker and their midfielder must be wary of. Gonzales, Vizcarra, Juan Pino, and Adam Eyebrows are very dangerous. That individually, if in their team is more dangerous again because they are compact when attacked. Hopefully I as a defender can organize friends in defense to stem Arema attacks, “he added.

The benefits of physical excellence

But all that does not make former Persib defender is daunted considering he can also take advantage of Arema conditions that have fewer recovery than his team. Currently the physical condition of his team is much better than the opposing team.

“Maybe we can take advantage of their fatigue because the trip to Mitra kukar quite far. Here we are superior physical condition because it has enough rest time we should take advantage of their exhausted psychic, “said Maman.

In a trip to Malang, Persija brought 19 best players. Some players are absent seperto Daryono and Pandi Lestaluhu. While two players namely Reinaldo Costa and Ramdani Lestaluhu still absent due to injury.

“Which brought to Arema is the best team. All the players with the best composition brought by the coach, only minus reinaldo only. Staying who will be played by the coach on tomorrow’s game, “lid Maman.

List of Persija Players brought to Malang:

2- Daryono
3- Ismed
4- Vava
5- Willian
6- Gunawan
7- Maman
8- Rezaldi
9- Hargianto
10- Password
11- Rohit
12- Fitra Ridwan
13- Pandi Lestaluhu
14- Bruno Lopes
15- Novri Setiawan
16- Amarzukih
17- Bambang Pamungkas
18- Rudi Widodo
19- Ryuji

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