Hodgson Worries about Benteke’s Infertility

Hodgson Worries about Benteke’s Infertility

Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson admits he is worried about the goal drowsiness experienced by Christian Benteke.

Last season, the successful player contributed 15 goals for the Eagles, but in this season he has failed to score in 12 games, and although the Palace has been unbeaten in six games, Hodgson still considers Benteke’s sterility as a problem that needs to be solved.

“The goal drought he experienced was definitely a problem for us, and fans,” the coach told reporters. “He needs to work hard, and contribute to the team.”

“We have no room to defend our players, including a striker who has not contributed a goal. We will not keep reminding him about it, it will not give me any benefit. “

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